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Birth: Jan 18, 1979 in Aomori
He made his screen debut with gGOh
(directed by Isao Yuiksada) in 2001.
He received the Best New Actor prize,
gBlue Springh (directed by Toshiaki Toyoda)
at the 17th Takasaki film festival.

2009 Mt. Tsurugidake (a.k.a. Tsurugidake Ten no Ki) / Dir. Daisaku Kimura
  Kani Kosen / Dir. SABU
  Villonfs Wife (a.k.a. Viyon no Tsuma) / Dir. Kichitaro Negishi
  Kuhio Taisa / Dir. Daihachi Yoshida
  Yomigaeri no Chi / Dir. Toshiaki Toyoda
R246 STORY`224466` / Dir. Tadanobu Asano
  All Around Us (a.k.a. Gururi no Koto) / Dir. Ryosuke Hashiguchi
  My Darling of the Mountains (a.k.a. Yama no Anata -Tokuichi no Koi-) / Dir. Ishii Katsuhito
2007 The Matsugane Potshot Affair (a.k.a. Matsugane Ransha Jiken) / Dir. Nobuhiro Yamashita
2006 Sway (a.k.a. Yureru) / Dir. Miwa Nishikawa
2005 Neighbor No.13 (a.k.a. Rinjin 13-gou) / Dir. Yasuo Inoue
  The whispering of the Gods (a.k.a. Germanium no Yoru) / Dir. Tatsushi O^mori
2004 Heavenfs Bookstore (a.k.a. Tengoku no Honya |Koibi) / Dir. Tetsuo Shinohara
  Loved Gun / Dir. Kensaku Watanabe
  69 sixty nine / Dir. Sang-il Lee
  Blood and Bones (a.k.a. Chi to Hone) / Dir. Yoichi Sai
2003 Sayonara, Kuro / Dir. Joji Matsuoka
  Josee, the Tiger and the Fish (a.k.a. Joze to Tora to Sakana tachi) / Dir. Isshin Inudo
  Akame 48 Waterfalls (a.k.a. Akame Shijuu Hachi Taki Shinjuu Misui) / Dir. Joji Matsuoka
2002 Jam Films -JUSTICE- / Dir. Isao Yukisada
  Blue Spring (a.k.a. Aoi Haru) / Dir. Toshiaki Toyoda
  GO / Dir. Isao Yukisada
2009 Guitar case no Onna / Dir. Hideta Takahata / WOWOW
  Ningen Dobutsuen / Dir. Makoto Tanaka / WOWOW
  Tantei X karano Chosenjyo! `Morie Sunsaku no Sainan` / NHK
  Reset (5th Story) / YTV
2008 Saigo no Senpan / Scr. Yoshinobu Tei / NHK
  Average 2 / Dir. Hideta Takahata
  Barairo no Hibi / Dir. Hideta Takahata / WOWOW
  Average / Dir. Hideta Takahata
  Shinichi Hoshi Shortshort`Unmei`
  Lupin no Shousoku / Dir. Toshiyuki Mizutani
2007 Galileo (6th Story) / CX
2005 Climber's High (All 2 Stories) / NHK
2004 Pride (10&11th Story) / CX
2003 Kimazu! / Dir. Junichi Mori / CX
  New Yonigeya Honpo (4th Story) / NTV
2002 Taiyou No Kisetsu (All 11 Stories) / TBS
  Shounen Tachi 3 / NHK

2008 KIRIN gFireh (Narration)
2007 Recruit Riku Navi / Dir. Daihachi Yoshida
  Daiwa House

2003 The Best New Actor, the 17th Takasaki Film Festival "Blue Spring"

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