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Musician/Sound Installation/Drums/DJ
Birth: May 4, 1990
Languages: Japanese, English
(farther is Dutchman and mother is Japanese)
Height: 6'2'' (187cm)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

18-Apr-15 Wrote a song together Riki Eric Hidaka "DOUBLEHAPPINESS IN LONESOMECHINA" by Stereo Records.
25-Mar-15 The silence 1st album "THE SILENCE" by DRAG CITY.
13-Mar-15 "jan and naomi + INO HIDEFUMI live at Premium studio live vol.9" High-Resolution audio.
08-Aug-14 long-playing record "Ai no kankei" released.
19-Mar-14 Start of "Ai no Kankei `Pacific psychedlia`tour".
21-Nov-13 New album "GREAT3" released.
01-Aug-12 Accede to GREAT3 as bassist.

¡jan and naomi@šhttps://www.facebook.com/janandnaomi
13-Mar-15 High-Resolution audio "jan and naomi + INO HIDEFUMI live at Premium studio live vol.9"release by sound & recording magazine
12-Nov-14 Assisted the 10th anniversary of Ebisu liquidroom "The Sea and Cake/Tokumaru Shugo" as opening act.
29-Oct-14 EP "jan,naomi are" released.
10-Feb-14 7inchi single "A Portrait of the Artis as a Young Man/time" released by Hot Buttered Record.

¡The Silence@šhttp://www.dragcity.com/artists/the-silence
Jun-15 The Silence Japan tour with Acid Mother's Temple.
2014 Ghost's new project inception.
Panasonic Corporation:@CleaneruRULOv as singer.@http://panasonic.jp/soji/rulo/cm.html
¡Music videos
Ai no kankei / GREAT3@@Dir: Takayuki Kojima
  Ana to tsuki / GREAT3@Dir: Jan
  Pokahontasu / GREAT3@Dir: Jan

  Men's nonno / Smart / EYESCREAM / Hanikamu
  Casa BRUTUS / Da-vinchi@etc

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